Re: [Evolution] Initial run moved many emails from IMAP folders to Junk

On 2021-08-18 at 07:39 -0700, John A via evolution-list wrote:
You should be aware that Trash is also a virtual folder by default.
The Trash folder shows the messages that are marked as deleted.
Again, by default those deleted messages are hidden (View -> Show
deleted messages). Since the Trash is virtual, there is no concept
of "Move to Trash".

This can be configured on an a per account basis - i.e. the Junk
and Trash can be real folders.

How will evolution interact with other clients on the same IMAP
account? How will any other client recognize a "virtual" folder?

Is there some way to set these options on a newly configured
evolution before it starts creating virtual copies of things?

What are these "virtual copies"? When I search I see "saved search"
"virtual folders" for thunderbird, and "shared virtual folders" for
courier-imap (courier is the IMAP server here), and "virtual
directories" for dovecot. Are any of these related to evolution's
"virtual folders"?

No. Virtual folders in evolution are just searches, shown as a folder.
They are local to evolution, other clients won't know about them (and
in fact, you can have a virtual folder spanning several accounts).
Since you saw the changes in the other clients, it seems you are using
them as real folders.


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