Re: [Evolution] Evolution Caldav SSO Access via GSSAPI/Kerberos

On Sat, 2021-07-31 at 18:20 +0200, torsten.finke--- via evolution-list
how can one access a caldav service from evolution
using Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication?

it's currently not possible. The libsoup requires special code to
enable it, which is not implemented in the evolution-data-server yet.
As you found out, there is no GUI option for it as well.

You may want to follow this bug report:

I just made a change to the evolution-data-server, for 3.40.4+, which
should work when the corresponding .source file is edited. I do not
have an account with which I could test this, thus it was a blind
change. See the above bug for more information.

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