Re: [Evolution] Force FROM address for particular recipient

On Fri, 2021-07-30 at 17:44 -0400, Peter Buck wrote:
That is my intention, but way too often I don't even notice which
account has focus when I begin to compose a new message.  That's the
case I was hoping for a solution to.

your reply style is broken. You might consider using a different
option, especially when you are writing below the message (otherwise
it's hard to recognize which text is new).

What Pete said is the only way to do it. It works for reply/forward and
any other kind when the recipients are known on the composer window
open (like when clicking the address in the message preview).

You can try Edit->Plugins->Sender Validation, which can help to avoid
mistakes. It does not change the From address, it only validates it
before the message is sent.

You can enable Edit->Preferences->Composer Preferences->"Send through
outbox" for testing purposes, which will pile the messages to be send
into the On This Computer/Outbox, where you can see what From address
is used.

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