Re: [Evolution] Evolution issue or Flatpak issue

On Thu, 2020-10-29 at 16:46 -0500, Anonymous Japhering via evolution-
list wrote:
Evolution crashed ( it happens every so often).  So I killed the
flatpak remnants and rebuilt the the environment, as I do everytime
it crashes.  

I hope you do not mean to rebuild the project, aka running the 
flatpak-builder, because that won't help. More helpful would be to get
a backtrace of the crash, to see where it crashed and why, but it's
tricky. You might find some information about how to do that on the
Flatpak site. I'd like to know why it crashes, thus it can be
eventually fixed.

(evolution-source-registry:14): e-backend-WARNING **: 16:31:13.557:
Failed to move
a03e065bf4072184cc79851443947c26': Error moving file
03e065bf4072184cc79851443947c26: File exists

If I rad this correctly, then the paths exactly match. I'd hope the
error message will show: "moving file A to B failed: error message",
where 'A' and 'B' are two different paths.

You are right that these come from the Evolution (or better from the
evolution-data-server), not from the Flatpak. I guess, and only guess,
there also exists:


It can be that the source registry tries to restore the account data
from the trash, but the account data directory already exists. That
probably happened due to the crashes you face. I would compare the
content of the two folders and delete one of them (when Evolution and
all of its processes are off). The error should be gone after it. Or
simply remove all the directories in the trash path, that will help


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