Re: [Evolution] Evolution mail - Linux version differences

There are a few things that I'm not sure now to work with.  The first
regards displaying HTML content. At the moment I have configured
Evolution to "load remote content only in messages from contacts" and
to "Notify about missing remote content in the message preview".  But
it appears that the the only way I can see the content (load images) is
to open the message in its own window, select View and then "view
Images".  But when I was running Evolution on Manjaro a few months ago
I noticed a handy image selector button in each message. Not so in the
Pop!-OS version.  Can I configure this version so that selector button
appears in each HTML message?

You can do Ctrl-I or View->Load Images without opening in a separate

Alternatively you can enable "Notify about missing remote content in
message preview" under Preferences->Mail preferences->HTML Messages.
That will put a discrete notification at the top right of the message
preview (probably a light bulb icon), clicking on that will allow to
load remote content.

Also, I'm not able to print from Evolution.  Printing works elsewhere,
but I can't print a message.

What do you mean by "not able to print". Do you get a print dialogue? 


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