Re: [Evolution] Evolution changes file names of attachments (underscores instead of spaces)

I'm sure someone will correct me, but  space ( as well as a host of others ) in filenames are a pain in the 
arse on 
any Unix based (Unix, AIX, Linux, BSD) based OS, which means it takes lots of special code to handle.  
of "special"  characters like  spaces, &, *, etc  is a simple operation which eliminates lots code ( and 
therefore lots 
of bugs ).

Yes, spaces are a real pain and if you do a search on something like
"spaces underscore" virtually everything is "how do I replace spaces
with an underscore", not the other way round. 

Nevertheless, spaces are a valid character in filenames and it seems
not quite right to replace them without warning, no matter how much
pain it saves!


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