Re: [Evolution] Bitte um Support


Am Mittwoch, den 07.10.2020, 12:19 +0200 schrieb Rolf Gebhardt:
For me the symbol for archiving messages is only grey
so that I cannot use it. Also in the "Message" menu
the sub-item "Archive" appears only in grey.
How can I activate the "Archive" icon? A new installation
of evolution had not helped.

Have you already set a folder as "Archive Folder"? Go to Edit -> Preferences
-> Mail accounts -> "Edit the current account -> Preferences: "Archive

Then select the desired folder.

And because the German translation of the "click path" is not unique, this
once again in German:

Gehe auf Bearbeiten -> Einstellungen -> E-Mail-Konten -> "Bearbeiten" des
jweiligen Kontos -> Vorgaben: "Archivordner": Dort den gewünschten Ordner


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