Re: [Evolution] fail to connect to CardDAV addressbook

> Maybe the Flatpak sandbox cannot access the system's sendmail
> binary?

Right, it cannot. To do that one might open whole file system for the
sandbox, which kind of invalidates the purpose of the (Flatpak)
sandbox, thus Evolution had disabled sendmail, when it is running under
Flatpak. I'll mute that runtime warning to not confuse the users.

I found no setting for the language in Evolution. Does it mean to
change the operatiing system language to English or do I have to
build a flatpak version in English?

Try to execute in the terminal:

   $ export LANG=C.utf8

before executing the flatpak command. You should do that before running
the Flatpak application for the first time, thus also the background
processes will use the C locale (you can use also en_US.utf8 or such).

Here [1] is written where the data is stored. You want the *.source
files. The path may slightly differ in Flatpak, I'm not sure right now.
Run this:

   $ flatpak run --command=sh org.gnome.Evolution

which will start a terminal in the sandbox of the Evolution
application. You can run other commands, explore the directories and do
all other things there.


Thanks Milan,

I've got the impression that running Evolution in flatpak is not the best idea. I'm going back to distributions version.


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