Re: [Evolution] Multipart issue

On Fri, 2020-05-29 at 11:22 +0100, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Thu, 2020-05-28 at 17:31 -0500, Robert G (Doc) Savage wrote:
Here's a copy/paste of the Evolution compose window of my reply to
I've attached the as-sent message from my Sent folder.
the cut/past action strips away all HTML formatting carried forward
from the original messages from Sam and I when I click on Reply. I
this helps.

Fedora and Evolution do not make it easy to insert screen captures
illustrate what's going on in companion terminal windows. I
have to use a mixture of plain text and HTML encoding to make the
outbound message show what I'm trying to demonstrate. I can't just
plain text.

As Milan says, when doing copy-paste into Evolution, the recommended
procedure is to use the Preformatted option in the composer's drop-
menu. This will stop the composer from imposing its own ideas about
formatting the pasted text.


I believe following that guidance is what started this flap in the
first place.

Unless I have a misconfiguration (very possible), my reading window and
reply composition window don't match. The reading window has HTML
enabled, which uses a typical sans serif font. When I want to reply, I
get a Plain Text / Normal window with a monospace font. I can send the
reply in that format, but when I see my reply in the mail list it's
shown as HTML rather than plain text. I have no control over that.

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights

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