Re: [Evolution] Interaction with ProtonMail “Error syncing changes: mailbox 4 does not exist”

On Wed, 2020-05-27 at 07:14 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Tue, 2020-05-26 at 14:57 +0200, Dan Kortschak wrote:
The relevant output from CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io is as follows:

[imapx:A] I/O: 'A00133 UID STORE 338 -FLAGS.SILENT (\DELETED)'
[imapx:A] I/O: 'A00133 OK UID STORE completed'

if you still have the log, what is the preceding SELECT command,
please? It seems to me the selected folder (mailbox) is somehow

I will replicate this again, that has been lost.

[imapx:A] I/O: 'A00170 UID MOVE 3533 Spam'
[imapx:A] I/O: '* 3177 FETCH (FLAGS ($junk junk) UID 3533)'
[imapx:A] I/O: '* 3177 EXISTS'
[imapx:A] I/O: '* OK [UNSEEN 3] '
[imapx:A] I/O: 'A00170 NO Label does not exist'

If I understand it correctly, it means they advertise the Spam as a
Junk folder, but do not let you move messages into it. When you open
the mail account Properties, there's an option to use the real Junk
Trash) folders on the Defaults tab, which is set for you after the
account is configured if the server advertises such folders. I would
try to not use real Junk folder, which will stop trying to move
messages to that folder in Evolution, though it may have some other
side effects too, like the spam you mark as such in Evolution would
be recognized by the server as spam (I'm not sure what the server
do with a message, which has just set the "JUNK" flag).

Thanks, that makes sense. I had similar thoughts, so tried setting Junk
to not be real and trash as well, though this has interesting outcomes.
I don't see the problems that I originally saw, but now see two real
folders, "Spam" and "Trash". If I have the "Spam" folder subscribed to
then I see duplicated messages in the Junk non-real folder, but don't
see this if it is not subscribed to. Both "Spam" and "Trash" are
automatically subscribed to on start up even if they have been
unsubscribed. Further they cannot be deleted. Additionally, emptying
the non-real Trash does not expunge messages from the trash.

Having docs to read to understand this better will still help me

I'm not sure what documentation you'd like to read, the IMAP 4rev1
with the following additions, extensions and the like. I do not think
it's really something you should care of, as a user.

Dan Kortschak

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