Re: [Evolution] Subscribing to shared EWS non-GAL calendar

On Mon, 2020-05-25 at 13:58 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
Can I just copy that file to my home machine?

yes, but make sure the Parent=..... at the top will match the Parent
from the other .source files in that "destination" directory. That's
how it knows to which account it belongs.

Is there a dconf key or something that I need to set for
Evolution to see it?

No, just run:

   $ evolution --force-shutdown

to have evolution-source-registry (and the rest) restarted.

Also, I thought that all .cache files were disposable

Yes, +/- some non-obvious exceptions [1], like these subscribed
(foreign) folders. All the rest are discovered on
evolution-source-registry start  (and some other events/occasions),
thus if you drop them from the ~/.cache then it doesn't hurt.

 is that the only place the accounts are configured?

Two places, ~/.config/evolution/sources and

I can't find a reference to the calendar or the .source file in
~/.config/evolution/sources folder on my work desktop (which was
where I looked originally).

I'm not sure which one you mean. Being it the account the foreign
.source at the top belongs to, then it's the Parent=.... value there.
You'll see something like Parent=xxx, then the file is
In fact, the directory name in the ~/.cache/ is also named xxx for the
discovered sources of that account.

[1] *
    * also message user flags, which cannot be saved on the server

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