Re: [Evolution] Subscribing to shared EWS non-GAL calendar

On Mon, 2020-05-25 at 11:30 +0200, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Fri, 2020-05-22 at 12:10 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
Does the subscription process check for the user in the GAL before
subscribing? Can I tell it not to?

evolution-ews searches for the contact, to verify it exists. The only
way to not let it do it is to pick the user from the search dialog, but
that also shows users only from the Active Directory, thus it's a no

It would be possible to workaround this by adding a foreign folder for
a different user, then modify its definition to point to the folder of
the user not being in the GAL.

Many thanks for the detailed reply.

Then search the ~/.cache/evolution/sources/ for the .source file, which
contains the information about the folder for the other user you
subscribed to earlier.

A different copy of Evolution (on my work desktop) is subscribed to the
calendar and a .source file exists in the .cache/evolution/sources
folder that references it. Can I just copy that file to my home
machine?  Is there a dconf key or something that I need to set for
Evolution to see it?

Also, I thought that all .cache files were disposable - is that the
only place the accounts are configured? I can't find a reference to the
calendar or the .source file in ~/.config/evolution/sources folder on
my work desktop (which was where I looked originally).

Thanks again.


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