Re: [Evolution] Sometimes can't verify signature

On 2020-05-10 at 09:27 -0400, Jeff Van Epps wrote:
In the structure of the message, does the GPG section cover the whole
of the message or just one section?

If you save the message and run it through GPG manually, does it

I've figured out how to do that for the message with the good signature
by removing everything above and below the first boundary (including
the boundaries). So the signature is in the separate file passed to the
--verify argument but it is not in the message passed on stdin. I
haven't figured out how to do that for this message with multiple parts
(or maybe I have and it's just not working for another reason).

gpg: CRC error; 04E96D - DC304E
gpg: no signature found
gpg: the signature could not be verified.
Please remember that the signature file (.sig or .asc)
should be the first file given on the command line.

But the signature file IS the first argument.

The numbers on the CRC error remain the same no matter what I do to the
message, so maybe it's telling me there is a problem with the signature
file rather than a problem with the message.

The official instructions are at

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