Re: [Evolution] Sometimes can't verify signature

I created ~/bin/gpg2


echo $* > /home/lordbah/args.txt

What appears in args.txt is:

--verbose --no-secmem-warning --no-greeting --no-tty --batch --yes --
status-fd=85 --verify-options show-photos --photo-viewer
/usr/libexec/camel-gpg-photo-saver --state "/tmp/camel-gpg-photo-state-
WDV3J0" --photo "%i" --keyid "%K" --type "%t" --verify /tmp/evolution-
pgp.FCM3J0 -

I suspect that not all those are discrete arguments - try doing
something like this 

   for word in "$@"; do echo "$word"; done

this will put each argument on a different line.

Hmm, the "bad" message has both a text/plain part and a text/html part,
wherease the "good" message has only a text/plain. I wonder if that's
an issue.

gpg version is 2.2.12.

In the structure of the message, does the GPG section cover the whole
of the message or just one section?

If you save the message and run it through GPG manually, does it

Is it possible that GPG is actually telling you the truth and that
something has modified the message in transit - it's not unknown that
ISPs modify HTML in messages to add web bugs, there were some free mail
providers in the past that added their own advertising banners into
HTML mail.


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