Re: [Evolution] IMAP IDLE and TCP resetting

I can confirm that the issue is present in Evolution 3.37.1 compiled from
source. After abnormal disconnect, Evolution still thinks that there is an
idling connection and no longer tries emit IDLE command. When I turn Evolution
into offline mode and then online, imapx_disconnect_sync and imapx_connect_sync
functions are called. The idle_mailboxes hash in camel-imapx-conn-manager.c is
therefore cleaned twice, and the mailer may use IDLE again.

If I do imapx_conn_manager_clear_mailboxes_hashes by hand via gdb, the idling is
continuing. But alas, I do not know proper place in code where this function
should be called.

To force disconnecting, I use ss(8) utility. This results in the same state, if
a server would reset IMAP connection.

    sudo ss -K dst dport = 993 -n

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