Re: [Evolution] Setting default applications and locations for attachments

On Wed, 2020-01-22 at 05:57 -0800, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
When a message is displayed with an attachment two small icons appear to the left of the attachment. Clicking on the one to the right displays a list of actions; the one to the left causes the top action in this list to be taken.
  • (Applications) How can an item be added to or removed from the list?   How can the order of items in the list be changed?
  • (Locations) When the action is "Save As", a mini file-browser appears. At the left of this browser are two lists of locations. What exactly are the functions of these lists? The function of the top one is clear: it sets the base location for saving. What is the function of the very similar list at the bottom?  How can an item be added to or removed from the lists?

In my case the default application for a .docx document is Calligra Words; I want it to be Libre Office; and I want to add a location to the list of base locations for saving files, since I often save to a particular location which is not on the current list.

I have solved (Applications), which is set by KDE Settings->Applications->File Associations for the desired extension (in this case .docx ). As you guess, KDE is my platform.
For the other question (Locations), I still need an answer.

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