Re: [Evolution] Long pauses using Evolution

On Fri, 2020-01-17 at 04:01 -0600, Robert G (Doc) Savage wrote:
When I run grep noti * I get:

what you really want is not a grep for "noti", but for
org.freedesktop.Notifications instead, thus:

   $ grep org.freedesktop.Notifications *

which returns here:


If it'll still be just a single file, could you try to run the
   $ /usr/libexec/mate-notification-daemon
from a terminal, please? Maybe it fails to start for some reason and
the terminal might give a clue, hopefully.


P.S.: by the way, Evolution can easily reply to the list (which works
at least for me better on this list), instead to the individuals, using
Message->Reply to List (Ctrl+L). It works only on list messages (it did
not work on the message I'm replying to, because I did not receive it
through the mailing list). It's true that different users have
different opinion and preferences.

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