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Le 16 janv. 2020, à 13:18, "Wiethoff, Helge via evolution-list" <evolution-list gnome org> a écrit:

Am Mittwoch, den 15.01.2020, 09:56 +0100 schrieb Milan Crha via
Maybe there could be a workaround, to keep the connection alive you
might need to set "Check for new messages" interval to a value, which
is lower than "automatic disconnect timeout due to inactivity" set on
the server.

your suggested workaround worked in part: I no longer get an error
message when sending mails. However, the calendar and contacts (also
GOA) do not seem to benefit from this.

thing is that you see this error when using Mail, but other parts
(calendars/books) are/can-be affected as well.
Yupp. Thats the case...

By the way, are you really able to reproduce this reliably when you
connect or disconnect VPN? If only with the disconnect of the VPN,
it can be that evo-ews connected to the server through the VPN, thus
the VPN disconnect invalidated that connection, similarly as the
inactivity timeout, though not exactly the same.

Maybe you are right, yes... I try to write a bug report with as much
information as possible.


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