Re: [Evolution] Saving PGP-encrypted mails as clear text

On Sat, 2020-01-11 at 16:01 +0100, Dulsea Liang via evolution-list
I am unable to locate an option to save pgp-encrypted e-mails as
clear text. Is there a way to permanently decrypt e-mails in

as far as I know, no, there is nothing builtin for this. One would
argue that the message had been encrypted for a purpose and saving it
unencrypted might have security implications, possibly not intended by
the sender.

As a "workaround", try to right-click the message, pick "Edit as New
Message", then turn off encryption from the toolbar or from the Options
menu in the Composer window and then File->Save as Draft, after which
you can enter the Drafts folder for the chosen From account and move
the message wherever you'd like to have it stored.

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