Re: [Evolution] Importing shared calendar

On Mon, 2019-12-23 at 13:53 +0000, jframeau wrote:
The calendar shows up to the agenda folder but with a weird name like
ghY-aJJWJ ...not exaclty the name of the colleague; I did not find a
way to change that name.

I'm afraid it's what the server returns. Maybe it's encoded somehow, or
it's the ID of the folder, though that would be weird. It can be that
it failed to receive the folder name, due to no enough permission on
the server.

You can change the DisplayName key of the corresponding .source file in
or in
but I cannot tell whether the change will stick. After editing any of
these private evolution files, make sure you restart (background)
processes (ps ax | grep evolution), thus they know of the change. The
`evolution --force-shutdown` may or may not work, I do not recall
whether 3.28.x has any issue with pkill/kill command. You can verify
whether it worked by the `ps` command, the process IDs should change.
Or you can simply reboot the machine.

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