Re: [Evolution] Opening Outlook attached emails - .msg files

On 2020-08-07 at 03:28 +0200, Louis van Dyk wrote:

Every now and then, when I am sent an email with multiple Outlook
emails attached to it, I see e.g. three *.msg attachments and I am
unable to open or view these in Evolution.  My only option is to save
these attachments, and then open these .msg files in Outlook on
another PC or in a VM.  I'd really like to be able to open these in
Evolution instead.  Is there a way?


You can save it as a file, and convert into an eml using msgconvert [1]

Then you would have to get evolution to open a lone eml file, which
isn't something it really supports (although it can be done, through an
import or saving to a folder pointed by an account)

1- See
on Debian/Ubuntu, this is in the libemail-outlook-message-perl package.

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