Re: [Evolution] Hotkey for links

Would it be possible to add a hotkey such as Ctrl+L (preferred) or
Ctrl+K (yeah, I don't know - that's what Thunderbird uses) to insert
a link into an email without having to go the menu and choose 'Insert
| Link...', please?

If you want to add/change a feature then the correct (only?) place to
make such a request is in the Gnome Gitlab

I'm fairly certain that since it would only be like 5 mins of work the
maintainers would appreciate any patches you write.

Also, if you are composing in HTML (which, BTW, is usually frowned upon
on this list), there's a button in the menu bar just above the composer
to insert a link - it's the one beside the "Insert Image" button.

If you do file a feature request, please post a link in this thread so
that people who search in the archives can find it (presuming there are
people who search in the archives these days).


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