Re: [Evolution] EWS Office365 Proxied Auth

On Fri, 2019-03-29 at 12:45 -0400, Randall Smith wrote:
My employer recently switch their Exchange email from internal to
Office365.  I'm able to configure it using Nine on Android and Hiri on
Ubuntu, but have been unsuccessful with Evolution.  As Evolution is my
favorite mail client, I really would like to get this working.  With
the other mail clients, there is an auto-detect and redirect for
authentication to a webpage with my employe's logo.  I suspect the
authentication is proxied to use the internal Microsoft Domain Auth,
but that's just a guess.  I've followed several tutorials along the
lines of this one:

Any help is appreciated.  I'd really prefer to use Evolution.  The
Outlook web interface is terrible and Hiri is too bare bones.


Hello list and Randall!

Was this ever resolved for you Randall?

Our uni did the same change as yours did, a while ago.
Had to experiment a bit with which UID-credentials to use, as well as what
URL to connect to.

In my case I had to use the email address as the UID.
The host URL was 
After clicking Fetch URL the correct OAB URL showed up and the mail started
pouring in. It was a moment of extasy. :-)

Until arriving on the above URL, I experimented with and a
slew of other variations until I landed on the correct one.


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Increased knowledge will help you now.  Have mate's phone bugged.

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