Re: [Evolution] change request

On Thu, 2019-09-19 at 15:52 +0200, Gary Curtin wrote:
Please change the Compose section of Settings to not use the words
"start typing" because this is interpreted to mean "you are not
supposed to start typing". See quote below.

could you suggest what the new wording for the option

  [ ] Start typing at the bottom

would be, from your point of view, please? I do not recall seeing
anybody complaining about that option but you for the past decade.
That's a long time. You might be the first one, and as you've the best
idea why it's wrong, maybe you've also a good idea what would be

Though, honestly, if the option is not set, which is the default as you
claimed several times, does it really mean that the application forces
you to *start typing* at the top? I do not think so, neither many (or
most) other users.

Would change the name to "Place cursor at the bottom" any better? I
doubt it.

I can be wrong.

P.S.: the way you exhibit here feels like you are just trolling, not
listening to others for things you've been kindly asked to do several
times. That doesn't help to anybody, it only shows that you are not
listening... My personal opinion.

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