Re: [Evolution] Composer very slow

On Wed, 2019-06-26 at 20:39 +0100, Graham Sawyer via evolution-list
I recently did a clean install of Ubuntu mate 16.04.6 LTS  and
Evolution . When typing an email there is a significant lag
to the characters showing on screen. Any advice on what to do?

this is probably a dead thread, but in case someone faces anything
similar... I had this right now, with Fedora 30 if it matters, the
letters I typed into the composer body didn't make it in, only few of
them and there was also a significant CPU usage when pressing those
keys. I think someone reported somewhere that the composer doesn't
accept keys, thus he/she is unable to write anything into the composer,
or at least only a subset of letters, not all of them. I cannot find
that report right now.

I realized, after some trial, that I had running 'orca' in the
background. Once I killed it the things returned back to normal.

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