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Hi Andre,

Thank for your answers

No problem with disk space were the home directory is located: /dev/sdb1       777G  107G  669G  14% /home
And as I anserwed to Patrick my home directory is not located on the same disk as system (I have a SSD 256 for the system and a HDD 2To for all other directories)

Actually my last backup of Evolution was around 20Gio (a little more) is it possible that there is a limit ?

About debugging I don't want to make you and me lost some time because I'm quite sure it's because my system is very unstable... I have Evolution on my Laptop and it's more or less the same backup/ restaured file (around 20Gio) and backup seems to work fine.
I only do that if you think it will be useful for you and other devollopers.

Best regards

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Le Sunday 15 September 2019 à 15:02 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
On Sun, 2019-09-15 at 14:22 +0200, Philippe PES wrote:
I try to backup Evolution with the file->Backup command
and ... don't work....
Precisely I got the first dialog (name of the archive and location to
save), push ok button and have the second dialog (where you can
choice to restart or not Evolution when backup is finished )
and here when I clic GO the dialog disappear and nothing is

That behavior makes me wonder how much free space is left on your hard
disk. Running "df -h" in a terminal window should tell you.

Also, having the window disappear sounds like a potential crash.
Can you start Evolution under gdb in a terminal window and get us a
stacktrace when/if it crashes? That will not include debug symbols by
default, so you have to either install or compile debug symbols. See

for more information on how to do so.

Andre Klapper  |  
ak-47 gmx net

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