Re: [Evolution] How to disable map lookups: gsetting org.gnome.evolution.addressbook open-map-target

On Tue, 2019-09-10 at 20:19 +0200, Garret Robinson via evolution-list
Is there a way to disable the internet connections that are done to
lookup addresses from your address book?

I'm not aware of any such thing. Could you elaborate a bit more where
you see this, please? Mentioning also your Evolution version (like from
Help->About) would be a plus.

1) this is a privacy issue. I have Location Services disabled on my
box, yet this behavior is still going on. If my traffic is being
monitored, this is bad.

Strictly speaking, the Location Services is about your position, and
the lookup you talk about sounds like location of other people, thus
it's not exactly it. But I understand you and share your privacy

2) if the address is entered in human readable form in the address
book then it causes Evolution to keep trying to lookup the address
but failing causing constant popups of the issue,

I'd really need to know where exactly you see that.

My questions specifically:
1) is there a way to disable map lookups from the address book? I do
not want Contacts and my Address Book connecting to the internet.

If this is about contact maps, which is a compile time option, then it
cannot be disabled, but since 3.24.0 (specifically 3.23.1) that
functionality had been disabled in the contact preview panel, because
it required WebKit1, while the code had been ported to WebKit2 in that
time, which does not support that kind of thing.

2) if there is no way to disable this, where should this "bug" be
filed? in Evolution or in Gnome Settings "privacy"?

Once it'll be clear what this is about, such bug would go to Evolution,
but really only once it's clear what you mean.
        Thanks and bye,

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