[Evolution] 2 laptops, 2 different behaviors

Linux Mint 19.2
Evolution 3.34.2 (flatpak gitec9f54a)

I have two laptops both running the same level of Linux Mint 19.2 ( kernel and patches) and both running
the same build of the flatpak version of Evolution. 3 email accounts are configured to use Oauth2 to authenticate
with both gmail and g-suite. The fourth use login/password to connect to Office365.

On the primary laptop, all 4 email accounts basically work (there is some bizarre funkiness, where at times
specific email messages will not go outbound ... not consistently happening and so far not able to reproduce

On the secondary laptop (the one I travel with ), all the gmail accounts fail with "this account does not support

Is this me just not understanding how Oauth2 works? Can I not have N devices all setup to authenticate by Oauth2 or
have I tripped into a bug?



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