Re: [Evolution] assertion 'flags & FLAG_INITIALIZED' failed

On Mon, 2019-11-04 at 14:09 +0000, CANAUD Pascal wrote:
(WebKitWebProcess:7681): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 14:43:57.152:
check_unclosed: assertion 'flags & FLAG_INITIALIZED' failed

I cleared the cache and config files, and even leaving the basic
settings this happens very regularly.

Do you know if others have this symptom or not? 

this is the first time I see anything like that.

It comes from WebKitWebProcess, thus it's most likely WebKit related
(or the Evolution's extension does that). What is your webkit2gtk3
version, please? If anything as 2.26.x, could you try to downgrade
WebKitGTK+ to 2.24.x, to see whether it works better, please?

It would be interesting to see from where the runtime warning comes,
but I'm not sure how to debug that in an easy way. You can run
Evolution from a terminal as this:

   $ G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings evolution

which will crash the process when such warning is shown, but if
evolution itself also claims any runtime warning, then it'll kill it
before you get to the message composer. You can eventually connect to
the WebKitWebProcess, but it's also tricky and out of scope for this
mailing list (evolution runs one such process for composers and one for
previews, both on demand). Maybe replace the WebKitWebProcess with a
script, which will export the G_DEBUG variable and run the original
WebKitWebProcess with provided arguments.

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