Re: [Evolution] Un-needed button

From: Christopher M
To: Pete Biggs, evolution-list
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 18:35:25 -0500
Because it shows all the time not just when I click on a mailing list.


I'm using different MUAs and all of them provide "Reply", "Forward" and
at least one additional special reply button by default.

It is a _needed_ button.

Please, do not remove the button, use it!

Your reply was sent to Pete Biggs and evolution-list , so Peter Biggs
either received a duplicated message, one directly from you and a second
from the mailing list or, if he set up mailman to not send duplicates,
he does only receive your message, so the mailing list header is lost
for him.

Apart from a few exceptions, where it's wanted to sent a mail to the
list and individual recipients, usually developer lists, it's frowned
upon to do this.

Yes, it should show up all the time and you should use it!


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