Re: [Evolution] Calendar Birthdays and Appointments

On Wed, 2019-07-03 at 11:53 -0400, Richard wrote:
Yes I enterede the Birthdays in the contacts. The reason for not
opening the Birthdays is "Unable to connect to “Personal”: No such
source for UID “system-calendar”

the "system-calendar" is a built-in always available calendar. It
should be created on demand. One such named file (with a ".source"
extension) might be located in
I tried to remove that file, then I restarted evolution-source-registry 
and the file had been recreated. That may mean you've something with
that file or the folder. I would try to restart the machine, to see
whether the things will work properly again. If not, then verify the
folder content and whether the folder itself, and the files in it, have
read/write access for the owner. It says here:

   $ ls -l ~/.config/evolution/sources/system-calendar.source
   -rw-r--r-- 1 zyx zyx 2646 Jul  3 19:01 /home/zyx/.config/evolution/sources/system-calendar.source

I'd also verify your XDG config folder settings, the output of:

   $ set | grep XDG_CONFIG

may ideally return nothing, which means that the folder for the config
files is the default folder, which is ~/.config/. If you changed it
(the XDG_CONFIG is not a complete name of the environment variable
being used), then the path for the .source file will differ too. I do
not think it happened here though.


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