Re: [Evolution] Evolution closes when double clicking to open an email

evolution-dbg and all the other evolution related dbg packages are only
available for Ubuntu 16.04 by the official "default" repositories.

am still working my way through the options you pointed to on the gnome wiki and ddebs sites.

Ran the following from command line:
CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution >& logfile
GDK_SYNCHRONIZE=imapx:io evolution >& logfile

each returned the following important Other messages in the logfile

Sender  colord-sane
Message io/hpmud/pp.c 627: unable to read device-id ret=-1
Priority 3

CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx evolution >& logfile

returned several Important Other messages.
io/hpmud/musb.c 2101: Invalid usb_open: Permission denied
o/hpmud/musb.c 2101: Invalid usb_open: Permission denied

It seems like it is trying to talk to the scanner and the HP printer/scanner
Not sure it is relevant.


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