Re: [Evolution] Any plugin to snooze/defer an email?

On Thu, 2019-02-28 at 15:14 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
As you say, there's no standard way of doing this
and I can see it being a mess to implement in a robust way.

Agree.  As "groupware" developer who maintains a CalDAV/etc... server I
can think of so many ways such a feature can go sideways [and likely
does in GMail's case, but for whatever reason the G can get away with
anything - even breaking long recognized standards].

But isn't that what Tasks are for? On receiving the mail, use it to
create a Task. That seems to cover the use case as far as I can see.
Maybe there's a case for creating a quick way to do this and calling
it Snooze.

Agree - USE TASKS.  I have this fight with users constantly: the abuse
of the INBOX.  E-mail is a messaging platform and one's INBOX is
exactly an INBOX; for events, tasks, notes USE calendars, tasks, and
notes (aka: journals).   Those other components of Evolution are

Adam Tauno Williams, awilliam whitemice org
Multi-Modal Activists Against Auto Dependent Development
resisting the unAmerican socialists of the Motorist hegemony 

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