Re: [Evolution] Any plugin to snooze/defer an email?

On Wed, 2019-02-27 at 19:13 +0000, Lewis, David (INCEED, LLC) via
evolution-list wrote:
I'm using evolution on RHEL Workstation 7.6, attaching to office365
with EWS.  Working great but there is one function in particular I miss
from my Boomerang plugin with Outlook Web Access: snooze.

I've not found any good list of plugins beyond what comes with
Evolution.  Does anyone know of such a list and/or, in particular, know
of a plugin that will let me "snooze" or "defer" an email to a later

AFAIK snoozing is generally a server-side function. I've used it in
Gmail but just through the Web interface. I doubt that there's a plug-
in for it on Evolution, though you could of course submit a Request For
Enhancement (RFE).


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