Re: [Evolution] How to delete single messages from the trash bin

On February 25, 2019 3:10:05 AM MST, Patrick O'Callaghan <poc usb ve> wrote:
On Sun, 2019-02-24 at 16:54 -0700, Zan Lynx 

No, this is not how Evolution Trash works.

The fundamental model in Evolution follows the IMAP paradigm, in which
deleted messages are merely marked for deletion, not removed. Actually
removing them is called "expunging". In the Evo interface the Trash
folder is a search folder by default, so the "deleted" messages stay in
their original folders but are merely marked for deletion. Toggle the
View->Show Deleted Messages option to see them.

As a system administrator in a past life I would have "cleaned" user's Trash folders in Exchange without a 
second thought.

As a programmer writing, say, online backup software I would not save files or email in a Trash folder 
anymore than I would save temporary or cache files.

If I ran an online IMAP server, which I do for myself, it would automatically purge deleted messages older 
than a month.

So Evolution *does* work that way. Because it marks a Deleted flag and that flag does whatever the server 
side decides to do.

By no definition of the word "Deleted" does it mean "Keep this until I come back for it."
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