Re: [Evolution] How to delete single messages from the trash bin

Thanks for the replies I got to this.  Basically, when I delete items
in Evolution they go into this "Rubbish Bin" and it is here that I
can't delete things from.  

And I am not "wrong".  I have used Microsoft Office for years and it
has a deleted folder where deleted items from the inbox, for example,
go when deleted.  Yes, you can set it up for this folder to be emptied
on a schedule, but my other pcs and even my work pcs are set up so that
the deleted folder has the deleted items in it for as long as I want to
leave them and allows me to delete what I want from there.  I have also
used Thunderbird prior to coming here to Evolution and it also allowed
me to this.  What I want to do, and I was trying to do with Evolution,
was go through the "Rubbish Bin" and selectively delete the crap and
keep other messages there that I might come back to, leaving my inbox
only with things needing attention right now.  

Somebody also suggested that I just select the item and delete it with
with the delete key or the trash can icon.  As  my message said, the
option to delete the message via the trash can icon is not possible as
this button is greyed out.  Hovering the mouse over this icon says
"mark the selected items for deletion" but if I select a message I
still can't delete it either by using this icon OR the delete button.

So, what I want to do is selectively delete messages in the rubbish bin
but I can't.  

Thanks for any further replies.  

On Sun, 2019-02-24 at 16:54 -0700, Zan Lynx wrote:
On 2/24/2019 1:16 PM, Bradley G Ward via evolution-list wrote:
This may be, and probably is, a basic question.  But how can I
single messages from the trash bin so that I can reduce the amount
messages that are in there?

I've searched the Help option which tells me how to expunge an
folder but I can't find how to do it for individual messages.  I
highlight the message but the option to mark the actual message is
greyed out.

Umm. There's something basically wrong here.

Are you expecting *any* message in a Trash folder to still be there 
tomorrow? In a week? A month?

Because you are *wrong*. If there's a folder named Trash in *any* 
program, expect things in there to *vanish at any time*.

Windows OS, for example, will automatically clean up Trash files and 
Temporary files if you run low on disk space.

The Thunderbird email program will automatically delete and
Trash folders, although it will ask you first. It will ask one time 
only, if you check the checkbox to not ask again, I believe.

Trash exists only so that you can change your mind about a deletion,
pretty quickly, not in a month.

If you want to have emails that you aren't sure about deleting,
put them in Trash, make a folder for them and put them in there

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