[Evolution] Synchronizing message filters and labels between computers

I have a pretty complex set of message filters and labels to manage email coming
from 9 different accounts (work, academia, project-related, personal, etc..),
and do it in 3 different linux boxes:
1) home desktop (ubuntu 18.10), 
2) work computer (PopOS 18.10), 
3) personal notebook (Manjaro Gnome using kernel 4.20). 

All boxes are using 3.30.1-1build1 

I am trying to achieve some level of synchronization between these machines
using my own cloud drive (synology drive), but could not find much information
about that specific type of synchronization in the mail list or googling. I did
find many threads about labels and message filters, which were extremely helpful
for me to figure out some

At this point, in my testing phase I am simply trying to replicate the desktop
configuration (i.e. only the message filters and the labels) in my notebook with
this setup:
~/.config/evolution/ -> [cloud drive]/.config/evolution/
~/.config/evolution/ <-> [cloud drive]/.config/evolution/
-> unidirectional sync
<-> bidirectional sync

I am not doing bidirectional sync with the desktop since I want to have that
configuration safe from potential corruption.
This allowed me to replicate most of my settings, and when I add a new filter in
Desktop it replicates in the notebook.
However, labels seem to be stored in ~/config/dconf/user, which is a single
binary file with lots of other things that make replicating it via cloud likely
to be a bad idea.
I did manually copied the labels from that file and pasted in the same file in
my notebook, but I would have to do this to all computers every time I add a new

Is there a method to do this synchronization easier?
Any ideas on how to automate this process?
I apologize if I am missing something very basic, but I am new to evolution and
did try to find references on it.


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