[Evolution] Google calendar updates fail with "daily limit for unauthenticated use..." error

Full wording is "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued
use requires signup."

I've Googled and searched the Evo list archives re: this and most of
what I found were on versions older than 3.28.5 (bundled with Xubuntu
18.04.2). If there's a recommended PPA for a newer version I'm fine with
going there -- I prefer a PPA over building or installing manually. I've
seen a few but before I jump I'm open to guidance.

Anyway, no calendar updates at all on this system. It's been happening
since last night, but it's not been 24 hours yet if that's the "daily"
time frame...? I upgraded inline from Xubuntu 16.04 to 18.04.2 last
night and other than a few cosmetic glitches everything is basically OK.

I renamed ~/.config/evolution and relaunched Evo, but my configuration
was still there. I thought that should've reset it back to defaults...?

Email is fine. Calendar updates are OK in other apps, only I'm getting
this from Evo only on this system. Same Evo version (same Xubuntu) is
working fine on my laptop.

Any suggestions?


Len Philpot
lphilpot01 gmail com
Sent from Evolution on Xubuntu Linux

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