[Evolution] Using Evolution with a GMail account

I recently upgraded my system to Ubuntu 18.04.  A newer version of
Evolution was loaded.  The version is stated to be 
3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 on the About dialogue.

I have about 8 mail accounts set up within Evolution and the GMail
account has been acting erratic since the upgrade.  It keeps
complaining about an error using OAuth2.  OK, so I go into Preferences
and select Check Supported Types.  It responds with Password and OAuth2
as selections for receiving mail.  So I change it to Password.  It
works OK until I exit and then restart Evolution and it reverts back to
OAuth2 and the operation fails again.  So the setting does not appear
to be saved.

In the error box I have the option to Reconnect.  If I go through that
button I get a login prompt and request to Allow some operations on my
GMail account.  I acknowledge and Allow.  Then it states requesting a
Token.  I have to go through this for several different connections
types, like mail, contacts, calendar and whatever else it wants.  I
think all of them appear to work except one.  But then the same thing
comes up again the next time I start Evolution.

None of the errors occurred prior to my upgrade.  It appears it wants
to use only OAuth2 but that doesn't seem to work properly.

Any solutions to the problem?

Thank you,

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