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On Tue, 2019-12-10 at 21:45 +0100, Martin Wagner wrote:
Do you have any solution for a working batch conversion please?

which version did you update from, please? The only forced
from mbox to Maildir is done for On This Computer account,
located at


No other accounts should be affected by it. The more importantly,
switch to Maildir for On This Computer account had been done
years ago,
even before 3.6.0 release (which is the second half of 2012).

To know whether the migration is needed Evolution checks whether


directory exists. If not, and if the local storage exists, then
migration is needed. Is that directory gone in your installation?

Thank you for the responses. @Milan:

~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/ is where all of my email is
stored. I have five mail adresses and two for work, and on top of
that I have setup a number of folders in Evolution where I store a
ton of emails I need or want to keep. Out of these seven mail
accounts, six are POP3. The one IMAP works flawlessly ofc., it
isn't local anyway. I have set a number of filters and rules to do
a little of basic sorting of fetched mails into folders, and
spamassassin to get me rid of the spam, though that has more false
positives for me than filtered junk. Different story.

Everything in there is gone now, aka moved to the inaccessible
local mbox account, I started with a total of zero mails after the
failed conversion, only the newly fetched mails appeared after a
few seconds.

You say the conversion should have taken place years ago? Well in
that case - how can Evolution mistake the Maildir storage for mbox
and force the conversion? That would explain the failed attempt
though! Converning the .Outbox folder, that has to wait until my
lunchbreak or tonight. I am on my work laptop rn. I didn't change
anything there either, didn't delete it nor move it nor even look
at it the wrong way >.<

I will check later and report back.

Thanks again, Martin

Ok this seems to be the initial issue
really.  ~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/.Outbox/ is missing. I
manually unpacked my backup and replaced ~/.local/share/evolution/
completely, then I tried to just create the .Outbox - now Evolution
starts correctly, but I still cannot access any other folder than the
Inbox, all others cannot be read ("Not a valid maildir folder") or
just appear empty.
One exception is the folder "Work Inbox" which is filled by the
filters I mentioned earlier. It displays the error (not valid ...)
but shows some unread messages. in the overview on the left.

Next I am gonna try and apply an older update to see if that fixes
the issue. Replacing both ~/.local/share/evolution/ and
~/.config/evolution/ from the latest backup had the very same result
I just described.

I would be grateful for any further input. Thank you. Martin

Thank God I do a full backup every 15 days, and set my POP3 email
accounts to retain old messages for 30 days.

This is what solved my issue:

the second latest backup still had the


folder so I removed the


folder again and restored it from that second latest backup. Evolution
fired up nicely and was quite busy for the next minutes downloading a
truckload of emails. A quick check told me I miss none so far, but if I
did I still had that latest backup, which might be not working
correctly in that department, but still a manual import of messages
worked when I tried it (just not for roughly 7k mails). So if I miss
one now I can still manually retrieve it from that backup.

Thank you very much @Milan for pointing out the actuall issue, which
was anough information for me to search and solve the rest.

With that I say goodbye to this mailing list again. Keep up the great
work, your responses were so quick! And I am quite relieved it's
working again, believe me!

Cheers, Martin

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