Re: [Evolution] Can't Sync Hotmail Address Book

On Fri, 2018-11-23 at 10:25 -0800, Douglas Summers wrote:
"The address book backend servicing 'Contacts' encountered an error.
The reported error was 'The send or update operation could not be
performed because the change key passed in the request does not match
the current change key for the item'".

it looks like you connect to the Hotmail account using evolution-ews.
It also seems like something caused your local address book copy out of
date. If right-click the book and picking Refresh won't help (I do not
know whether it's available in 3.28.x you have), then remove the local
cache in ~/.cache/evolution/addressbook/<ews-book-uid>/ (you can remove
all of them if unsure), which will re-download the book from scratch
the next time you start evolution-addressbook-factory and open the
address book. Ideally remove the files in ~/.cache when all evolution
processes (ps ax | grep evolution) are not running, though it's not
always possible (due to for example GNOME Shell keeps running the
evolution-calendar-factory), then restart the machine.

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