Re: [Evolution] Cannot copy scheduled meeting in evolution-ews

On Tue, 2018-11-13 at 09:54 +0100, Martin Monperrus wrote:
I am trying to copy and paste a scheduled meeting with participants
in evolution-ews, with hosted Microsoft Exchange (version

It seems to work in the UI, but I later receive an email

Remote Server returned '550 5.6.0 M2MCVT.StorageError.Exception:
ConversionFailedException, Content conversion internal failure.;
storage error in content conversion.'
(version info Evolution: 3.30.1, Evolution-ews: 3.30.1)

that's something new to me, I do not recall seeing anything like that
in the past. More that you receive it by mail, not as a direct response
to the request to add the meeting to the calendar.

As the error claims on the conversion, it is related to the content of
the meeting. Maybe other meetings are not "affected".

I'd check whether you are the meeting organizer, it allows to do more
things with it, though it's probably unrelated, because of the
conversion error itself. Then I'd check what the description and
summary and location and even the attendees look like, maybe a special
UTF-8 letter is used there. It's really hard to guess.

Did you check what the server's OWA says? Is the meeting shown there?
What if you move it in OWA, will it result in a similar error?

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