Re: [Evolution] How to undo an incorrect image display response and why do certain emails not show all content?

On Wed, 2018-05-30 at 16:11 +0000, Siv wrote:
Sorry I am not familiar with how lists work hopefully this is

still broken, but not a big deal.

Can you recommend a reliable link to a procedure that you would
recommend for updating my current version?

Well, no. It's a question for your distribution. I do not think there
is any generic answer (I doubt there is, to be honest). There exists a
description how to build evolution [1], where is also described the
dependency on evolution-data-server, from which one can understand why
it's so difficult for the distributions to update evolution.

There's also a way to build evolution in Flatpak [2].

Both build descriptions are not for regular users, even the wiki pages
contain step by step with commands which can be just copy&past-ed and
run in a terminal. Installing prebuilt packages, even using live
images, of recent-enough distro should be the easiest thing for any


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