Re: [Evolution] How to undo an incorrect image display response and why do certain emails not show all content?

On Sun, 2018-05-27 at 22:40 +0000, Siv wrote:
I recently switched from Windows 10 1803/Outlook 2016 to Linux Mint
18.3/Evolution and I am getting used to how Evolution works.

first of all, the current ("supported") stable version series is
3.28.x. Yours had been released on 2016-03-14, more than two
years ago.

I selected the option to display images from anyone at however when the email opens it still shows the
blocked image place-holders.

Evolution has its own cache for downloaded remote content in the HTML
messages and it shows such images immediately as soon as the content is
found in that cache. This is done with the URL of the remote content.
I'm not sure, I think there had been some issue with URLs with
parameters, but I can be wrong.

so I am wondering if something in the emails looks like the signature
marker "dash dash space"?

Signature marker "-- \n" (eventually "-- <br>" in HTML) is looked for
only when replying to the message (and quoting it), not when showing it
in the preview panel. Try to look what the message content looks like
in place where it is truncated, that should help to narrow the issue.

I'd also left-click into the message body (kind of required in your
version), then right-click and choose "Display Plain text version", in
case it's an HTML message, which it seems to be, due to the mention of


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