[Evolution] How to undo an incorrect image display response and why do certain emails not show all content?

I recently switched from Windows 10 1803/Outlook 2016 to Linux Mint 18.3/Evolution and I am getting used to how Evolution works. I have hit a couple of issues and can't seem to find an answer on the internet.
The first issue is that I receive mailings from Ebay and they include a page of images of things that might be of interest to me.  Since switching to Evolution I have selected the option in general setting to not display any images from the internet in HTML emails and then individually I select one of the options on the drop list button to display images on the ones I do want to always see the images. I selected the option to display images from anyone at reply.ebay.co.uk however when the email opens it still shows the blocked image place-holders. I don't want to allow all images to be loaded automatically so I wondered if there is a way to get this to allow in this instance?

The second issue I have is I receive daily reports from my Windows servers and the email I get from one of my Server 2012 r2 machines is always truncated, interestingly if I click to forward the email all the missing text and images appear albeit spattered over my signature so I am wondering if something in the emails looks like the signature marker "dash dash space"? Again is there a way to fix this?

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