Re: [Evolution] Contacts from google

On Tue, 2018-05-22 at 15:17 +0800, Unknown wrote:
Does that mean anything to you?

yes. First of all, be careful what you share in public. Even it didn't
happen here, the log can contain your whole address book. The second
thing, the log had been updating already downloaded address book. That
means that between step a) and b) something downloaded your address
book from the Google server.

I do not want you to share the log in the public, it's really unsafe,
but you can search it for one of the contact's email address and verify
whether the server also returned other information, which you do not
see in the Evolution. If it did, then share only that single part of
the log, and change private information with something else, even
'xxxxxx', like a censorship, is perfectly fine. Setting "Preformatted"
paragraph format in the message composer for the part with the log will
be also appreciated.

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