Re: [Evolution] Contacts from google

On Mon, 2018-05-21 at 15:05 +0800, Unknown wrote:
Just wondering, contacts from google, all they currently show is the
email address and a photo, the other fields like phone number address
etc are empty.
Yet if I go to a web browser and look, all these fields are

evolution(-data-server) depends on libgdata to fill the contacts
information. I've libgdata 0.17.9 and with it I see contacts which have
filled more than the name and email (and photo), like the phone you
mentioned, but also addresses and other.

I even purged my local cache (~/.cache/evolution/addressbook) and
restarted the machine, which caused re-download of all the contacts in
all remote address books and the contacts were filled the same as
before the purge, thus it might not be a stale cache data here.

I do not know why it fails for you. You can try to run the address book
factory with libgdata debugging on, to see what it does when it
downloads the contact information. To do so, run a terminal and:

a) remove ~/.cache/evolution/addressbook
b) run:
   $ export G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all
   $ export LIBGDATA_DEBUG=255
   $ /usr/libexec/evolution-addressbook-factory -w
c) run evolution from another terminal or from GUI

Once you select the Google addressbook the terminal with evolution-
addressbook-factory will be filled with raw communication between the
server and the factory. You can even verify whether certain contact
contained the information you are missing or not.

Please note that the actual location of the evolution-addressbook-
factory executable can differ in your distribution.

P.S.: Google offers a CardDAV server for the address books too, but
evolution(-data-server) doesn't use it. It's possible to configure it,
through Edit->Accounts->Add->Collection Account or even manually,
though it involves editing of the .source file, because it requires
OAuth2 authentication.

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