Re: [Evolution] Mail disappearing from Inbox when moving different mail / Issue with folders.db !?

The best help I can give you is to do what I did. I upgraded to 18.04 and within three days returned to 17.10.

I read soemwhere that the best idea if you were short of time was to want until the next version but one comes out before upgrading just to the next version.


On Thu, 3 May 2018 at 20:55 Milan Crha <mcrha redhat com> wrote:
On Thu, 2018-05-03 at 21:00 +0200, Stefan Dietrich wrote:
> I updated to Ubuntu 18.04 a couple of days ago and the problem
> persists
> with Evolution 3.28.1-2. Even worse - labelled eMails now also
> disappear from Inbox when only switching to a different folder.
> Any debugging advises? Or suggestions where to best bug report this?

that's weird. I also re-read the whole thread. With respect of IMAP, do
you have Quick Resync enabled in the account Properties? It has an
impact when the server supports it. What if you set concurrent
connections to 1 in the account Properties, will it help?

You mentioned also POP. That confuses me. POP saves messages into On
This Computer/Inbox, not into <IMAP account>/Inbox. Thus those two are
independent, as long as no filtering is involved.

I'd probably open a bug in GNOME bugzilla [1] and provide the steps
with as many details as possible, including the account's Receiving
Options settings. For the IMAP logging, you can run evolution as:

   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution &>log.txt

where the log.txt will contain raw communication between the server and
the evolution. You do not want to share this in public, but you can
search for STORE, COPY, MOVE, EXPUNGE, VANISH, QRESYNC words (really in
capitals), where some of them can be commands being issued by evolution
and other being returned by the server. You can also add a UID column
into the message list (right-click above the message headers and pick
Add Column, then drag&drop it above the headers), where you'll see the
message's UID and you can search the log for it, which will show what
happened to it (+/- some ranges, thus ideally repeat the issue only
with a single message).

You mentioned that this happens when you left the folder, that means
when evolution saved local changes to the server. The save is done more
often in 3.28.x (and some versions before it), like within 5 seconds
after the change is done, unless it's manually disabled by editing some
file, which I doubt you did in your fresh installation. I mean, you
should see the messages disappear before you leave the folder in 3.28,
if the issue is related to the local changes propagation to the server.

I tried to reproduce this by setting a label on two messages in a
subfolder of Inbox of my IMAP account and neither after the automatic
save of local changes, nor when I left the folder and returned back,
any message had been missing. All had been as expected. Maybe your
issue is related also to your IMAP server.

I'd say let's continue in the bug report. Only send here a link to it,
please, thus anyone interested in a follow up on this can find it

        Thanks and bye,

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