Re: [Evolution] recipients are unable to open enclosed pdfs

On Thu, 2018-07-19 at 09:58 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

I'm using Evolution version 3.10.4.  Sometimes when I send a group
e-mail the recipients are unable to open enclosed pdfs, they come out as
rows of numbers after my note.

When you say "group email" do you mean to a mailing list or just to
multiple recipients?
Multiple recipients, their e-mails separated by commas

Does the copy of the email in your sent folder look OK?\

Yes, it looks fine.

Do you get a copy of the email back that you send to the group? Does it
look OK?

No I didn't.

Basically what you are seeing is some form of error in the MIME
structure. I've never heard of Evo having this problem, so it's not
common if it is an Evo bug. It could be some configuration in your
system that is giving Evo the wrong information about the file you
attach and it sets the mime structure up wrongly. Or it might be the
mailing list software altering things (if you are using a mailing list)
or if it is EWS, then there could be some incompatibility in the mix of
versions of Evo and Exchange.


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