Re: [Evolution] I tried to import emails into EVO. But, it didn't quite work out as planned.


On Thu, 2018-07-12 at 19:29 -0500, Christopher Marlow wrote:
I am using Kubuntu 18.04 64 bit.

...which provides evolution version.....

Okay I did all of that and some folders imported fine but my bigger
folder's, nothing happened.

Like visually nothing? Did it take some time to it to finish the import
at least? Did you pick the mbox format after you chose the file? It can
sometimes provide multiple import types. I would also try to run
evolution from a terminal, because some errors can be seen there.

Am I doing something wrong? If I am then how what is the correct way
to import emails?

I do not think you do anything wrong, as long as Thunderbird's format
is mbox. You just choose one mbox file after another and import them
into (possibly their respective) folder in evolution. I'd verify that
the file you chose really contains mail messages. Headers like
"Subject:", "From:", "Message-ID:" and many others should be there.

Will importing emails cause the date's and time on my emails get
screwed up. Like they'll all say 1/1/1969 etc?

No, I do not think so. You said you've been able to import some of your
messages, did it happen to them? The message date is got from its Date
header (eventually Received header), thus as long as it's there it is
used. Maybe there are some shortcuts for the mbox format, then it would
rely on correct values saved by Thunderbird, but I'm not really sure.


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